For the love of caramel, cognac, and cold shoulders!

Hello darlings!

Please excuse my amateurish way as this is my first blog post EVER!!

I am so excited to embark on this fashion journey with you! Let’s do so on the right foot with a bite of caramel (that panama hat by Lucky Brand), a dash of cognac (saddle bag by Lucky Brand as well), some florals (off-the-shoulder H&M top), and of course a pair of skinny jeans (CK is my favorite denim designer) and Banana Republic dusty rose pumps. Fall is one of my favorite season as the weather lends itself to wearing hats without feeling like your head is on fire… Yet on some days off-the-shoulder blouses are still appropriate AND jeans are so in! This look is easy to wear as it is comfortable and stylish, a combo that would make any woman feel chic and confident. So let’s jump into this season of warm colors and cozy materials with our heads up and our smiles shining! πŸ™‚

Love Always,



8 thoughts on “For the love of caramel, cognac, and cold shoulders!

  1. Gorgeous outfit!
    Very relaxed and modern!
    Of course the beautiful model gives it the extra elegance!
    I am so proud of you Eti!
    Good Luck with the blog! I am sure that with you natural fashion sense and grace you will be very successful!



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