For a hard-working busy bee…

Hello busy bees,

This post is for you! If you are a professional woman who works at an office every day, you know that looking your best while still being comfortable is key. My absolute favorite “quick fix” is a sheath dress as it does not require much coordination aside from pairing it up with some pumps and a purse to house my belongings for the day. However, as I became a mama, I realized that wearing a one piece is not very practical when it comes to breastfeeding or pumping milk for your little one. Try sitting half-naked in your office with a pump running and your colleagues passing by your door… Grant it, it’s closed, but still… Soooo, back to separates I ran! But I loved these pieces even before, so it was a happy return. Instead of a dress I pulled out my arsenal of pencil skirts and fitted tops, two great articles of clothing any working woman can appreciate. Those are classy, give your body great shape and are very versatile as you can mix and match a few for days! I really like having a pop of color in my outfit and instantly fell in love with this Banana Republic pencil skirt (similar beauty here as mine is a year old). Added bonus–it has pockets!! This black BEBE shirt’s ruffles (similar trumpet sleeve blouse) make me feel girly and chic! Of course a pair of pumps (Banana Republic) complete the look and this creme Ralph Lauren leather bag lightens it up a bit as well (here’s one I feel would look amazing with the linked skirt and top).


Happy Friday busy bees! The weekend is almost upon us!

Love Always,



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