Let’s jump, jump, jumpsuit!

Here I am on a September Saturday morning, a few years back, excited to be out and about after completing a horrendous project at work, one that had kept myself and a couple of colleagues captive in the office for weeks. It was time to treat myself to a day of shopping, coffee and being free to do as I please. Plus my friend’s birthday was coming up and we had planned a fun weekend away… Isn’t that a great excuse to add a “new something” to the wardrobe, even if it’s already exploding?!? And there it was… The “new something” was staring at me from the window display, calling my name, catching my eyes. Its name was “Emerald” for it was made from a beautiful green silk with a silhouette to die for. But could I pull off wearing such a thing?!? How do you even get this thing on, on the first place??? Hmmm… doubt started creating into my head–“…but would I ever wear it? Isn’t this silky thing going to give my body volume at all the wrong places?” Fifteen minutes later I found myself in the store’s fitting room, tying “this thing’s” green belt on, with a huge grin on my face-I had discovered jumpsuits and happily so!!

Since then, it has been a jumpsuit affair–formal ones appropriate for a day in the office, casual ones for the weekend, denim, silk, prints, no prints…

I picked up this floral one from Urban Outfitters (similar here or here–both are on sale for under $40!!) It was pretty, just missing something–a bit of waist definition. I had the perfect solution to the problem–a skinny belt. Since the print is not overpowering, playing on a high note with the accessories doesn’t feel like a crime of fashion. I picked a watermelon BR skinny belt (similar here – the burgundy or green would look amazing with either of the linked jumpsuits), my favorite “summer” BOTKIER bag (similar here–this crossbody is suiting for any outfit), and golden Nine West loafers (similar here–love the tassels on these). I needed an easy and comfy outfit as we were visiting Santa Barbara yesterday and I knew we’d be in for a day of walking. I had also picked up a GAP denim jacked (similar here–a classic that would suit any look), but who needs outerwear on a fall day in Southern California?! It was 90°F! In November! (Not complaining–just blogging about summer looks when the holidays are almost upon us, hehe! 🌞🎄🌞)

Have a successful week, lovelies!

Love always,



2 thoughts on “Let’s jump, jump, jumpsuit!

  1. Perfect choice
    gives elegance of long dress
    and the convenience of trousers
    I love it
    Exellent combination of accessories
    Comfortable clothes can be chic
    Great idea 🙂


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