Hello Wild Thing!

Hello lovely people,

We are in the midst of winter season! Can you believe it? Do you feel like you are stuck in the world of neutrals or the black zone when it comes to winter outfits? I sure am guilty as charged! No matter what I do I end up having too many black garments all combined into a monochrome look that I rotate from December trough the end of March and I just can’t seem to break free from that habit.

This week I have been trying to wear more of my winter dresses and it dawned on me–animal print is a great way to spice up the winter wardrobe! It make me feel more vibrant, chic and “wild”! It provides a pattern for the eye to enjoy and a pop for the outfit to stand out, even if the pattern is only in the neutral color palette.

I tend to have all my animal print on dresses, but I think an animal print sweater or pair of shoes would have an equally powerful effect in refreshing your winder style.

Dress 1: Banana Republic Faux Wrap (similar here and here)


Dress 2: Banana Republic Kimono (similar here and here)


Dress3: Kenneth Cole Bodycon (similar here and here)


Dress4: Calvin Klein Sheath (similar here and here)


Happy Saturday, Loves! See you on the wild side! 😉

Love Always,



4 thoughts on “Hello Wild Thing!

  1. I know what you mean about wearing black all the time during winter season! I have that same problem and can’t seem to stay away from black! I love all your pattern dresses and I have a few pattern dresses similar to your style! 🙂 You have such a great style and these dresses are perfect to wear for work! ❤️ Xoxo

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    1. Thanks, Helena!! I wear wayyy too much black during the winter. Should incorporate more all white looks. Those look so great as well!

      Hope your Sunday is great and your new week is successful!



    1. Thanks so much, Nikki!

      So happy to hear you enjoyed this post. I am actually not one to jump on animal print generally, but realized I have quite a few winter dresses that have it. I guess I subconsciously gravitate to animal print during the cold months!

      Have a great Tuesday!



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