Let’s Escape to Tropical Paradise

Hello, lovely people!

Happy February! I recently went on vacation to the US Virgin Island of St. Croix, and boy, is it a beautiful piece of land surrounded by the most vibrant, countless-shades-of-blue water! Some of the architecture is stunning and where a building has turned into an abandoned ruin the flora has taken over and turned it into a charming, out-of-Tom-Sayer site! I could imagine countless photo-shoots there–a photographer’s Paradise!

As beautiful as St. Croix is, it is also not a very posh place. People are very welcoming, but unfortunately seem to live on a penny, the infrastructure is sort of maintained, and the island does not house many fancy restaurants or stores, BUT that is just part of its endless charm! It is a relaxing, let-your-hair-down, makeup-free, non-pretentious, casual kind of island.

So, what are some of the essentials you would need to have an enjoyable vacation:

  1. A few pairs of bikini (love the VS options here)–the island offers many wonderful beaches (my favorites are Sugar Cane Beach, Rainbow Beach and Sandy Point Beach) and you would love to be in or by the water as much as possible.
  2. A snorkel set (I have a Speedo set that worked very well)–don’t miss the beauty that lives in the water. It is such a calm and astonishing underwater world that you can enjoy by simply investing $35 in some fins, a mask and a snorkel. It takes “playing in the water” to a whole new level.
  3. Sunglasses (got my Kenneth Cole pair, similar here)–it is nice and sunny all the time, and if you are like me and have love for the sun, but can’t look it in the eye for too long, sunglasses would be much needed and appreciated.
  4. Flip-flops (wore this AEO pair everywhere) and flats (I wore my Lucky Brand Ellie pair)–I could have done this entire vacation in my flip-flops, but there was something nice about being able to slip into flats for dinner and the evening weather would allow it! Don’t bother with heels–you will look totally out of place, fell uncomfortable and perhaps a bit tired after a day in the water and under the sun.
  5. Your favorite casual dresses and cover-ups–I brought 5 or 6 dresses, a pair of shorts and a skirt, but the dresses worked so well I didn’t need anything else. You can throw those over your swimsuit with your flip-flops or pair them up with your flats for dinner, a visit to the botanical garden, a tour of the rum distilleries, and voila–you are island ready!
  6. A light jacket (love this Lucky Brand option) or cardi–I always feel cold and St. Croix gets a nice breeze that runs trough the island most of the time–day or night, so I appreciated having a thin denim blazer for a dinner or cocktails out in the evening.

What is nice to have, but not essential:

  1. If you are planning on some hiking adventures you may want to bring a pair of running shoes. I hiked in flip-flops, but wished for my sneakers would magically appear on my feet. 😉
  2. Board shorts would also be good for a hike, a paddle board afternoon, jet-skiing or a night out in a see-through kayak to check out the bio-luminescence at Salt River Bay.
  3. A small cross-body bag to house your credit card, some cash, and small essentials.
  4. A backpack for the beach or a hike.
  5. A hat–another way to protect yourself from the sun, however it is a bit windy, which means you may end up chasing your fedora or panama down the beach.

What to leave at home:

  1. Fancy jewels;
  2. Designer bags;
  3. Heels;
  4. Cocktail dresses;
  5. Full makeup set.

St. Croix is a low-key, casual-essentials kind of island, so leave your fancy fashion behind for this vacay, grab your sunscreen, bathing suit, snorkel, an adventure spirit and enjoy the raw fun this island has to offer!

Happy vacationing, ladies and gents!!

Love always,


18 thoughts on “Let’s Escape to Tropical Paradise

  1. Marieta, so glad that you were able to get away to this tropical paradise. Looks like you had an awesome vacay. It’s definitely a photographer’s dream place to shoot. Loving all your pics. Thank you for sharing your essential list and your vacay wardrobe is perfect. You look gorgeous is all the summer dresses. The white one is my fav 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Nikki!!

      St. Croix is very beautiful and different from Hawaii or the Bahamas. The coral reefs are spectacular and such a neat snorkeling spot! The arcitecture and even the ruins were very attractive to me.

      I love the white dress as well. It is always in my suitcase for warm weather vacations!

      Have a spectacular Sunday, babe!



    1. Thank you, Pentene!!

      It was very pretty indeed!! Let me know of you ever decide to travel there and I would be more than happy to tell you what fun adventures we did.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading this post!

      Have a successful week! Xoxo,


    1. Oh, it was amazing, Mackenzie! You should check it out and if you do book, let me know and I will give you a list of all the fun adventures we enjoyed – from snorkeling to beer-drinking pigs in the rain forest! Hahaha!



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