New Purse Every Month?!

Hello lovelies,

Hope you have has wonderful couple of weeks! My job has been keeping me hostage way over regular business hours–sometimes you just have to get over the hurdles and push trough the busy times.

Now to the star of this post–I am so super excited to introduce Bolzano Handbags to you! They make beautiful and elegant purses and leather accessories that are sure to put a smile of every girl’s face. I am amazed by the meticulous details that show how much Bolzano cares about the exceptional quality of their products.

BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (7)BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (12)BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (2)

Bolzano just launched their Handbag Club monthly subscription service which allows you to receive a new bag, valued up to $150, for only $45 per month–such a great treat. And guess what–it will ship free (withing the U.S.) and of course is yours to keep!! Use code OOTDINSTYLE and you will receive free gift valued at $45!

So how does it all work?

  1. Visit the web site and select a plan that speaks to you. The larger amount you are willing to pay up-front, the cheaper the monthly subscription–goes down to $35 if you pay for a full year!
  2. If you choose the $45/month plan, your card will be charged $45 + tax. Your next charge will occur on the 10th of each month and your bag will arrive around the 15th. What a great gift to treat yourself or someone you love to?!
  3. In order for Bolzano’s amazing team of stylists to pick the bag which will make you happiest they will send you a style questionnaire. They love to surprise you with unexpected perks!
  4. Your bag would ship within 24 hours of purchase and you can cancel at any time–no questions asked.
  5. Hurry and check out Bolzano Handbags, even if you do not want to subscribe–they have beautiful pieces you have purchase.

BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (10)BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (6)BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (11)

What beautify did I receive?

My surprise arm candy is the Alisse Large Tote. And boy do I love her?!? She arrived in a beautiful packaging with a personalized note. The expert totally nailed my style! She is elegant, sophisticated, roomy, versatile and did I mention practical! What more can a girl want?! OK, yes, I forgot–color! This beautiful shade of brandy is so chic and would partner perfectly with a sheath dress for work or blue denim on a casual day out. The leather is so soft and detailed to perfection with the metallic accents. As a mama on the go, I always appreciate having a top zipper closure and short and long straps to utilize according to the occasion. Running after little feet and worrying about your bag is no fun, however this bag gives you the long strap so you can enjoy a hands-free option when you need it.

BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (4)BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (13)BOLZANO Handbags - Alisse Large Tote (1)

Bottom line: I am a happy camper with a beautiful handbag at hand and you can have yours for only $45/month too!

Love Always,



7 thoughts on “New Purse Every Month?!

  1. I think I would be very happy if I had this great offer near here too
    The offer is great and even more perfect when there is someone like you who can guide you
    I think your blog is quite useful
    A lot of ideas for my wardrobe steal from here

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Krasi!

      It is a great offer indeed! And the quality of this bag is so impeccable. Love everything about it–the leather, the hardware, the color, the size, the practicality.

      Happy mid-week!



  2. This handbag subscription service is great…especially for someone who is running out of closet space, (me) lol. The tote you have looks beautiful. You styled it perfectly with your boots and sweater dress. Thank you for sharing the info on Bolzano. I am heading to the site now 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Nikki! Haha–I feel the exact same way–need to let go of some things before I get more into my closet…

      I hope you enjoyed checking out what Bolzano Bags have to offer! ❤



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