Hello, lovely readers!

Marieta here–pleasure to meet you and thank you for embarking on this style adventure with me!

About six years ago a colleague kept on telling me: “Marieta, you should really start a blog. You are always so well put-together and people would appreciate your fashion tips!” I did not believe I could until last summer, when I decided to create a public Instagram account and record my looks every single day–yes EVERY single day–no cheating allowed!! ootd_in_style was born! And thank goodness–it sure served as great motivation. The support and encouragement from the IG community combined with my love for fashion led me to this blog! Hope it is inspirational to women of all ages, because whether you are a young student, a working professional, a stay-at-home mama, or a loving grandma you are a WOMAN, someone’s role model, someone’s rock, someone’s right hand and we never go out of style!