Salsa Queen

Hello lovelies,

Do you like Salsa dancing? I am a huge FAN and cannot wait to learn more steps and perhaps one day spin on the dance floor like those beautiful professionals can (yeah, a girl can dream, right?!?)

Well, when I saw the SHEIN Ruffle Cold Shoulder Layered Hem Dress, SALSA emerged in my head right away… It is sexy, yet not over-the-top, lets me feel like I am on fire in the coolest way possible, and makes me want to dance!! So let’s break this down:

“Sexy, yet not over-the-top”: The dress hugs your curves and has a cold-shoulder element, but is knee length allowing you to feel sexy without exposing too much leg or cleavage.

“On fire in the coolest way possible”: The burgundy red color and the sheath nature of the dress make you feel like an explosive powerhouse, yet one composed, beautiful and in control. πŸ™‚

“Makes me want to dance”: The ruffles around the hem and the shoulder detail add so much movement to the dress–it is like it was created to lead you to the dance floor!

Do you like the SHEIN Ruffle Cold Shoulder Layered Hem Dress!? Does she make YOU want to dance? Let me know in the comments below. USE CODE “ootdi20” FOR 20% OFF your Shein USA order.

Love Always,



Indian Summer

Hello lovelies,

Happy November! Hope this month is filled with warmth and tons of cozy family feels for all of you! πŸ™‚ Are you already in sweaters and planning Thanksgiving with your love gang?! I have to say “Yes!” to the later, but “NO” to the former as the city of Angels is still taken over by sunshine and high temperatures. Sure, it is a lot cooler in the mornings and evenings, but summer dresses are pretty much the ARTICLE to wear at lunchtime–yes an Indian Summer is upon us. As such I want to introduce you to my latest find–the SHEIN Self-Belted Button Up Dress.

This navy beauty is 100% cotton, soft and such a pleasure to wear. The cut of the dress is very flattering to your body–the belt adds waist definition and the buttons draw the eyes vertically and elongate the silhouette. Like most women, I love the fact that it has pockets. The dark blue color makes this dress jive with so many different accessory colors–white, red, gold, orange would all be perfect with it. I chose to accent the dress with gold as that is the hardware on my bag, the buttons on my denim blazer and shoes! If it is slighly cooler where you live think of the SHEIN Self-Belted Button Up Dress as your topical getaway find as it would be the perfect partner in crime on your visit to the Caribbean, Mexico, South America or Australia. You can use code ootdi20Β to get extra 20%off while shopping from the Shein USA Site!!!

Love Always,


Day And Night

Hello guys,

Today I am introducing you to my new fall favorites from METISU – a dress for daytime and one for nighttime. Surprisingly their colors are flipped – the Navy Blue Striped Midi Dress With Two Pockets is my choice for your 9 to 5 and the Apricot V-neck Lace Overlay Midi Dress is for your special evening rendezvous. πŸ™‚

What makes the Navy Blue Striped Midi Dress With Two Pockets perfect for the office:

METISU Fall 2018 Pin Striped Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Fall 2018 Midi Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Fall 2018 Dress, OOTD in Style, Trendy

  • It is conservative, but chic and feminine all at the same time. Why do I say conservative? The dress’ length is below the knee, it has an A-line silhouette, and a high neckline.
  • Despite the above attributes the dress feels powerful perhaps due to the pin stripes similar to those you would see on a suit.
  • The dress commands respect and shows strength, yet femininity shines trough as well as the cut makes you want to twirl and the tailored top hugs your curves.
  • All the little details make this dress even more special – it has pockets and shoulder epaulettes, as well as the color trim and front detail add extra chic to the character of the dress.

What makes the Apricot V-neck Lace Overlay Midi Dress perfect for an evening event:

METISU Apricot Lace Midi Dress, Fall FashionMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall 2018 FashionMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall Fashion (3)METISU Apricot Lace V-neck Dress, Fall 2018

  • This dress makes you look and feel like a tall glass of champagne. What brings that feeling about? The base apricot color in combination with dazzling sequins and embroidery brings on a sparkle just like bubbles do for champagne.Β 
  • It is classy, yet sexy. The knee-length does not reveal too much of your legs, however the cinched waist design and v-neck color extenuate your feminine figure.
  • This midi is the opposite of what is expected–not your typical LBD, but rather a bedazzled light color that will catch everyone’s eye with quiet confidence.
  • This lace overlay beauty would also be perfect for a wedding.

Have you looked into METISU‘s dresses lately? They are my absolute favorite brand when it comes to dresses.

Have a successful week, lovelies!

METISU Fall 2018 Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall Fashion 2018

Love Always,




Cream into Fall

Hello Lovelies,

It may not be super apparent from the outfits I wear, but I am a huge sucker for light colors–whites, creams, light beiges, light blushes–and the combinations of those all. I also do not like to conform to the rule of “NO WHITE after Labor Day!” To me texture and the combination of materials make a given outfit more fitting for a season than it’s color. Of course that is not true of every color, but I cannot even think of one I would not wear during a particular season–well, maybe watermelon in January would be a miss. Hehe! πŸ˜›

Speaking of creams, I have found yet another perfect transition-into-fall dress. Meet the SHEIN Button Detail Raw Edge Tweed Dress. She has summer charm as she is pinafore, but that also makes her the perfect piece to layer–just add a slim shirt underneath, a set of leggings, your favorite over-the-knee boots and you are all set for a cooler October/November day. Her cream color and golden button accents make her shine on a sunny warm day and would sure be a ray of light on a moodier fall one. Being made from 100% cotton makes the Button Detail Raw Edge Tweed Dress comfortable for any weather conditions. Tweed is also very fall so that makes the dress bridge the two seasons perfectly! The raw hem and splits also add visual interest welcomed any time of the year. πŸ™‚

Do you like wearing dresses in all seasons? If so here are some options for you to explore! πŸ˜‰

Love always,


Brick – The Perfect Transition Color

Hello Lovelies,

I hope everyone’s LDW was one filled with fun and a lot of summer inspired activities. I am not ready to let go of my favorite season, so I keep on ordering summer dresses and calling those my transition pieces, hehe! Self-deception works in some cases…

Meet my latest obsession the SHEIN Belted Button Up Ruffle Cuff Dress. She first grabbed my attention with her subtle brick color–reminded me of a fall leaf and hence inspired me to see it as a dress I could actually wear into September, October, November. Of course it was more than just the color that caught my eye. The dress spoke to me in a vintage inspired language which extenuates your waist with the belt, guides your eye from the v-neck down the buttons and to the A-line bottom of the dress. The ruffled sleeves add femininity to the vintage character of this cute dress.

On a warm day you can pair the Belted Button Up Ruffle Cuff Dress with some slides and a light-colored bag to make those buttons pop even further. To transition this dress to fall just throw a leather jacket on, some boots or booties, a darker bag and voila–you will be warm and chic! Incorporating a head band to the look would add to that vintage feel–try it is is a lot of fun! πŸ˜‰

Have you discovered your favorite transition piece already? If not or would like to add more, the Belted Button Up Ruffle Cuff Dress is waiting for you! πŸ™‚

Happy rest of your week, loves!

Love Always,


Black Magic Woman

Hello lovelies,

I hope your weekend was one filled with happy and sunny summer memories. I cannot believe the LDW is next weekend and the unofficial end of summer has come upon us. Given that Fall is around the corner I would like to introduce you to a new favorite of mine that I found at

Meet the Black Magic Woman – a.k.a. Black Embroidered Side Splits Midi Dress – this is not your typical little black dress – it is the LBD which graduated to be the chic, statement-of-elegance, speak-for-itself black dress. The line of the dress is very classy, the gold embroidery adds sophistication and fun, and the side slides bring an unexpected playful touch to this seriously-modish number. It is perfect for a wedding that falls on a cooler day, as it would keep you warm and perhaps without the need of a coat or jacket, but a scarf in the golden color scheme to through around your shoulders if need be on a warm Fall day. This dress is also work appropriate, perfect for a business dinner or a posh restaurant date. It accessorizes beautifully with gold or black, but would probably look very eye-popping with red pumps and a red clutch as well.

Which dress would be your choice for a spring wedding? How about a birthday party or a work dinner? Check out all the beautiful dresses METISU has to offer and make your pick.

Love Always,


A Black and White Dream

Hello lovelies,

Do you ever dream in black and white? Do you like black and white photography? Do you like combining these two colors to create a sharp look that feels very stylish in a PοΏΌ\narisian way? If this answer to the last question is “YES” then this dress will steal your heart.

The White Strappy Neck Sleeve A Line Fitted Women’s Dress by is classy, chic, feminine, with just enough details to be visually appealing without any taste of garish. The tie bow neckline can be tightened into a bow or let loose like I did for the photo shoot of this piece. The black trim detailing on the baby ruffles soften the top piece of the dress and make the black and white flow with one another rather than clash in the contrast that they naturally create. Although this dress is on the shorter side it still feels very work appropriate and also transitions into a dinner/cocktail attire with ease. Please note that this dress runs small in accordance to the US sizing convention. I generally wear US size 2 or 4, but ordered this dress in size Large to make sure it fits comfortably, and I am glad I did. πŸ™‚ I decided to pair my Parisian beauty with a pair of two-toned pumps in black and white of course. This dress would also look very stylish with plain black, summer white or even red heels and bag.

Unfortunately this dress is currently out of stock, however have such a wide range of beautiful garments and other dresses that I am sure you would find something that suits your style on their website. Also, you can use coupon code Marieta1142 for $5 OFF on orders over $50! πŸ™‚

Would love to hear your thoughts on this dress or what you thought of the we site.

Love Always,


Twirl With Me

Hello lovelies,

Summer makes me so happy, I really don’t want it to ever end. I know, I know… I live in LA and there is nothing too severe about the other three seasons here. I am just one of those people that loves going to the beach, loves warm and light evenings, eats watermelon and peaches till her tummy feels like exploding, and is willing to deal with the insane mid-day heat in order to reap the rest of the benefits of summer. And “YES!” dresses are one of those benefits.IMG_20180808_165018_274.jpgIMG_20180808_133523_317.jpg

Today’s look is inspired by comfort–a level of easy wear that is pretty at the same time–a win-win in my books. The main act is the Blue Off Neckline Long Sleeve 3/4 Length A Line Women’s Dress by It is so chic, girly and pleasant to wear! I also adore all the details this dress wows us with:

  1. Off the shoulder with a twist–not in your most traditional and expected way, the OTS detail here looks like a shirt collar and adds so much visual interest to this piece. There also are straps which help hold the dress up and camouflage your bra straps, however if you don’t like the strap look you can hide those just as successfully.IMG_20180808_133340_612.jpgIMG_20180808_164729_531.jpgIMG_20180808_133653_929.jpg
  2. Top button front–a major trend this summer, which also draws your eye to the dress without screaming loudly at all.
  3. Pockets–ahhh, any dress with pockets makes me smile. I also love the pocket flap and button detail present here–somehow it adds an unexpected semi-formal twist to this chic dress.IMG_20180808_133211_753.jpg
  4. Draw string waist line–makes it easy to define the thinnest part of your body and looks good even after a Sunday brunch! πŸ˜‰
  5. A-line silhouette and soft material–the combination of those two produces a swing dress that makes me want to twirl and twirl like a little girl in the middle of a candy store. The fabric is so soft–real pleasure to wear.IMG_20180808_133739_351.jpg

If you have not visited you should do so–they have so many beautiful items and amazing prices right now. You can purchase a genuine leather handbag for under $20!!! ALSO, use coupon code Marieta1142 for $5 OFF on orders over $50.

Dress | Flats | Hat | Bag | Sunglasses

Happy August, lovelies!

Love Always,


Beach Blush

Hello lovelies and happy new week!

Have you though about replacing your beach cover up with an actual dress? I tend to do that almost 90% of the time as I like having an outfit that can carry me trough the day, from a morning/afternoon playing in the sand and the waves to an early dinner or drinks at my favorite food and cocktail spot.

Meet my latest partner in beach-going to restaurant-hopping crime – the SHEIN Lace Trim Eyelet Embroidered Dress. She is cute, fun and easy-going, breads in sunshine and exhales vacation vibes! She is made with 100% cotton material and her light and breezy fit and flare silhouette is sure to keep you cool while looking hot! πŸ˜‰ The body of this beautiful A-line dress is made by an eyelet fabric, trimmed by gorgeous lace around the hem, sleeves and the V-neckline. This combo creates a floral-like, soft, monochrome effect which is eye-catching and ropes you in with gentleness and femininity. This dress comes in two colors–the blush I am wearing and a white–which is equally as pleasing and visually appealing.

Dress | Bag | Sandals | Sunglasses | Watch | Necklace | Lip Gloss

Would you wear the Lace Trim Eyelet Embroidered Dress to the beach? Would love to hear what you think.

Love Always,


Lady in Red

Hello lovelies,
How has your summer been? Enjoying the sun, warm temperatures, vacation time and travel? I certainly hope so!
SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (7)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (1)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (9)
I don’t always wear red during summer, however I fell in love with the romantic nature of this Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress and decided to give red a chance this season. Doesn’t it combine beautifully with my straw bag and hat to create a fun, beach- or farmer’s-market-inspired look? This dress is very detail-rich and yet feels simple and elegant. The ruffle straps and hem bring femininity and charm, the button front brings it right on trend, the delicate print allows for numerous combinations with white, black or red accessories, the draw string at the waist hugs your figure at the narrowest portion of your body, the midi-length gives it a sophisticated flair–all those come together to create a pretty and classy piece one can wear to brunch, the beach and even to work. I also like the overall vintage charm this dress posses–it makes me feel like a lady! πŸ™‚
SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (5)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (8)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (4)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (6)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (2)
What are some of the colors you have opened up to wearing this summer? Leave me a comment to let me know.
Love Always,