Beach Curls with PYT 25mm Digital Curler

Hello gang,

HAPPY SPRING! I am so happy to have more sunshine and longer days. And with those comes my desire for days at the beach and hair that reminds me of those, so guess what?! I just partnered with Pretty Young Thing and tried out their 25mm Digital Curler! Check out the video below for more details. Enjoy 30% off  your purchase from Pretty Young Thing with code MARIETA30 (valid from April 1 to May 1).

I also have to share the how fabulous their Savage Moisture Mask is!! I have now used it for three weeks and my hair feels so much silkier and healthier already–it looked amazing after the first wash actually! And it smells like Heaven too! I find that my hair responds super well to Argan oil and that is what is at the base of this product to deliver the shine and moisture your hair is crying out for–especially after the roughness of winter and before the harsher rays of the summer sun start working on it! You have my word for it–you would love the results!



Let me know what you think of my beach curls and if you have any questions on either product and I would gladly talk about both!

Love Always,