Sophisticated With an Edge

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all enjoyed this spring weekend! It was hot and very much like summer here in LA and I was very excited to be out and about in lighter clothing and my new Vivian bag from Oliver Bilou. I discovered OB online and immediately fell in love with their products–they offer five unique handbags each with a very distinct character and style. I have to admit, I had a hard time picking between the Vivian and the Taylor and still have my eye on the latter, as the former is now in my hands! 😉

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Ripped Jeans, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Lucky Brand Jewelry, Ray-Ban Reflective Gold AviatorsOliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Ripped Crop Jeans, Cutout Peep Toes, Summer 2017Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag (1)Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Ripped Jeans, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Cutout Peep Toes, Lucky Brand Jewelry, Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Can we talk about Vivian’s unique charm? It’s light grey color, beautiful dome shape and that braided trim running along its front just called out my name–sophisticated with an EDGE (no pun intended)! But Vivian is not going to only be your “arm candy”–it is just as functional as it is beautiful! The bag looks compact, however it is pretty roomy and held my wallet, sunglasses, a water bottle, my phone (there is a special compartment for it), keys (a built-in key chain), and I could have loaded it even further–very impressive!

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, Banana Republic Sailor Wide Leg Pants, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Nine West Pointy Toe Flats, Lucky Brand Jewelry, Dior Sunglasses (2)Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Lucky Brand Jewelry Summer 2017, Dome bagOliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Ripped Jeans, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Cutout Peep Toes, Lucky Brand Earrings, Ray-Ban Gold Aviators

There also is a back zipped pocket you can access from the outside of the bag, and the main compartment has dual zips for easy use, making this bag perfect for travel or running around town.

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Crop Jeans, BEBE Ripped Jeans, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top

The gold hardware adds to the classy bag and gives you a tone for your jewelry selection. Gold is incorporated in the handle bar, the metal feet, and key chain, the zippers, and even the inspirational quote one would discover once they open their Oliver Bilou bag.

Vivian is made from textured vegan leather with makes it’s light color easy to care for–just wipe it out with a wet nap and it is as good as new.

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, Banana Republic Sailor Wide Leg Pants, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Nine West Pointy Toe Flats, Lucky Brand Jewelry, Dior Sunglasses (3)

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag (2)Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Ripped Jeans, Cutout Peep Toes, Spring 2017, Summer 2017

I was also very impressed by the packaging of this bag–it comes in a stylish black box, complete with a dust bag and all hardware carefully wrapped  to insure a pristine look–it would make any girl smile and be a great present delivered to someone you want to surprise!

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Ripped Jeans, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Cutout Peep Toes, Lucky Brand Earrinigs, Ray-Ban Reflective Gold Aviators

Another perk is that Vivian looks perfectly with business attire as well as a casual weekend look. This bag is also FEEL GOOD as a portion of the proceeds from each handbag purchased goes towards enriching a child’s life.

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, Banana Republic Sailor Wide Leg Pants, GUESS Silk Tie Neck Top, Nine West Pointy Toe Flats, Lucky Brand Jewelry, Dior Sunglasses (1)

Should you decide to purchase a, Oliver Bilou bag yourself, you can use the coupon code: ootdinstyle for 10% off at check-out.

Oliver Bilou Vivian Bag, BEBE Ripped Jeans, Rocket Cutout Peep Toes

Happy arm candy shopping!

Bottoms: BEBE Ripped Jeans (similar here) and BR Sailor Pants (similar here)

Top: Guess (similar here)

Shoes: Rocket Peep Toes (similar here) and Nine West Flats (similar here)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban and Dior

Bag: Vivian by Oliver Bilou

Love always,


Cotton Candy

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and celebrating either being a mommy or with your precious mama!

I have been wanting to wear with colorful dress for a while but the weather here in LA-LA-land has been so cold that I have not has a chance to until I decided to brave it out and just put it on with a denim blazer.

Cuddy Studios Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Turquoises Handbag, INC Pink Peep Toes, Denim Blazer, Gold AccessoriesCuddy Studios Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Turquoise BagCuddy Studios Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Bag, INC Pink Peep Toes, Summer 2017 Fashion

Generally, I shy away from bright colors and bringing more than one of those into a neutral color palette. The Amelia dress from Cuddy Studios changed my mind and made me jump against all the rules. I fell in love with it’s kites pattern and color play–it is so bright and cheerful! It actually inspired me to experiment with my accessories as well and here I am pairing this A-line, flirty pink trim dress with a pink peep toe shoe (similar here) and an amazing Vince Comuto green-blue bag (similar here)! All these vibrant colors remind me of cotton candy and put a smile on my face!

Cuddy Studios Amelia 60s Dress, Vince Camuto Bag, Lucky Brand Gold EarringsCuddy Studios Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Bag, INC Pink Peep Toes, Denim Blazer, Lucky Brand EarringsCuddy Studios Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Bag, Back Detail, Summer 2017

As I wore my Amelia dress this morning I also realized it would have been perfect for the time I was an expecting mommy-to-be. It is so light and airy and would not push on your tummy but rather provide enough space for a cute growing baby!

Cuddy Studios Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Turquoises Handbag, INC Pink Peep Toes, Lucky Brand Gold AccessoriesCuddy Studios Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Bag, INC Pink Peep Toes, Denim Blazer, 60's FashionCuddy Studios Kite Print Amelia Dress, Vince Camuto Bag, INC Pink Peep Toes BackCuddy Studios Amelia Sun Dress, Sixties Inspired Print, Vince Camuto Tote, Summer Sun Dress, 2017

Do you love bright colors? What style choices have you made that taken you out of your comfort zone and into a fun cotton candy land lately?

Don’t forger to check out Cuddy Studios as their lovely articles of clothing would brighten your day and bring classy silhouettes with a fun twist to your wardrobe! Enjoy a 50% off with promo code: SHOP50 entered upon checkout. 

Happy new week to all of you!

Love always,


The LWD – Spring Perfection!

Hello lovelies,

Happy May! I am so excited to share this post with you!! This week I am introducing you to Hanna and Simone–both extremely pretty and a perfect “partner in crime” for this season as well as summer!

Cuddy Studios White Lace Hannah Dress, banana Republic Skinny Belt, Lucky Brand Emmy Flats, Aviators, Lucky Brand Saddle Bag (16)Bell Sleeved White Lace Dress, Aldo Heels, Banana Republic Skinny Belt, Botkier Handbag (1)

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I am a total fan of lace. I also adore white, so a pretty white lace dress makes this woman very happy! Cuddy Studios made two such dresses that caught my eye, namely Hannah and Simone (I even love the names and had considered one of them when it was time to name my little princess)!

Hannah is a tank dress made out of a white floral lace fabric. It’s wide neckline and scooped back make it perfect for hot spring and even hotter summer days! The back has the cutest adjustable, delicate tie detail, which adds more visual interest and a fun twist. I also like the cut of this dress – you can add a belt to it for waist definition or just let it flow for a 60’s free spirit feel. I wore this dress with both heels and flats and enjoyed the more casual or a bit dressier option those added to the outfit.

White Lace Dress, Lucky Brand Handbag, Aviator Sunglasses, Spring Summer 2017 (4)White Lace Dress by Cuddy Stidios, Cut Out Pumps, Lucky Brand Saddle Bag, Aviator Sunglasses (2)Cuddy Studios White Lace Hannah Dress, banana Republic Skinny BeltCuddy Studios White Lace Hannah Dress, banana Republic Skinny Belt, Lucky Brand Emmy Flats, Aviators, Lucky Brand Saddle Bag (12)Cuddy Studios White Lace Hannah Dress, banana Republic Skinny Belt, Lucky Brand Emmy Flats, Aviators, Lucky Brand Saddle Bag (14)White Lace Dress Spring Summer 2017 (1)

Simone attracted me with its white holographic-feel, laser-cut diamond fabric and flattering A-line silhouette. It’s bell sleeves add a boho chic flavor to this classy dress! Just like the Hannah, Simone can be worn to a casual weekend brunch or paired with heels for a date night or a night out with the girls. I wore it with a skinny watermelon belt, watermelon heel and bag which complemented the dress and added a pop to the outfit.

Bell Sleeved White Lace Dress, Aldo Heels, Banana Republic Skinny Belt, Botkier Handbag (4)Bell Sleeved White Lace Dress by Cuddy Studios, Banana Republic Skinny Belt, Botkier HandbagBell Sleeved White Lace Dress, Aldo Heels, Banana Republic Skinny Belt, Botkier Handbag (6)Bell Sleeved White Lace Dress, Aldo Heels, Banana Republic Skinny Belt, Botkier Handbag (8)

If you love a little white dress and desire to satisfy your craving for a new one, be sure to check out Cuddy Studios! They have some amazing items inspired by the abstract geometric art of the sixties and seventies, paired with a classy cut for a sophisticated clothing line! Cuddy Studios are a small brand out of Seattle currently sold in over 85 boutiques nationwide, so grab a piece of their uniqueness and enjoy a 50% off with promo code: SHOP50 entered upon checkout. 

And don’t forget to show me what you picked out–would love to see a Cuddy Studio piece on you! 🙂

Love Always,



Set it Free, Tie the Knot or Define the Waist

Hello Lovely People,

Happy April! As we are entering the heart of spring I wanted to bring a bright and cheerful look to you with an element of animal print you can style three different ways without changing a single piece of the outfit.

337 Brand Zebra Print Dress, GAP 1969 White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Neon Peep-Toes, Ray-Ban, Ralth Lauren Bag

What do you think of this fun neon and gray zebra print dress from 337 Brand? Isn’t it perfect for spring and summer? It is simple and versatile, yet commands attention! The v-neck allows you to display a fun necklace or two and pairs up perfectly with both gold and silver accents. The relaxed fit allows for your creativity to shine through when styling the dress. The Jersey Burnout fabric is light and a tad bit sheer adding to the print for even more visual interest.

To make an outfit, I paired this dress with while, ankle-length, skinny jeans and neon and cream peep toes that perfectly complement the dress. I added a cream bag to play into the color scheme as I believe a three-color rule works perfect for this style.

GAP 1969 White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Peep-Toe Shoes, Ralth Lauren Handbag

So what did I do with the dress to achieve my three different looks:

  1. Define the waist – to add some definition I belted the dress with a white braided belt–keeping in the color combo I chose. This dress also looks great with a wider waist belt for an even more dramatic look.337 Brand Zebra Print Dress, GAP 1969 White Jeans, Lucky Brand Breaded Belt, Calvin Klein Peep Toes, Ray-Ban, Ralth Lauren Bag337 Brand Zebra Print T-shirt Dress, GAP 1969 White Jeans, Lucky Brand Breaded Belt
  2. Set it free – this option is great for a more relaxed feel or if you’ve just had an enjoyable brunch 😉337 Brand Burnout T-Shirt Dress, GAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren Cream Handbag337 Brand Burnout Mini T-Shirt Dress, GAP 1969 White Jeans, Ralth Lauren Handbag
  3. Tie the knot – the dress lends itself to the current trend of tying your tee. This option let’s your bottoms shine, rather than being just the supporting act for the dress.337 Brand Zebra Print Dress, GAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Peep-Toe Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren HandbagGAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren Handbag, 337 Brand Zebra Print T-Shirt Dress337 Brand Zebra Print T-Shirt Dress, GAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren Handbag

Burnout Mini T-Shirt Dress

GAP 1969 Raw Edge White Jeans – similar here

Suede Woven Mix Belt

Calvin Klein Neon and Cream Peep Toes – old, but the outfit would look great with these

Ralph Lauren Cream Bag – similar here and here

Have you found a smaller brand of clothing you have really enjoyed lately? Check out 337 Brand – they have some fun pieces to spice up your wardrobe with!

Happy fashion explorations, babe!

Love Always,



Color Play

Hello lovelies!

Looking out of the window this morning, the sun inspired the color-seeker in me and got me dreaming of an outfit to reflect its cheerful rays. Sooooo, I grabbed a wrap dress with a fun geo print combining yellow, cream, and a couple of blue tones and decided to build my outfit on that color scheme.  I had the perfect pair of yellow kitten heels and a cream bag, both having gold accents and picking up a hue from the dress. To expand on the gold theme, I added a gold statement necklace and earrings, and a two-toned watch. I coordinated my glasses so that their metal part is in tune as well and voila–the outfit was ready in 5 minutes!

Why do I love this outfit? Besides being bright, cheerful and spring-ready, it is also very easy to assemble and wear. As most full-time working mamas, I find that some mornings I just don’t have the time to put an elaborate outfit together and be out of the door on time. Dresses and jumpsuits to the rescue – those are so convenient as they have got you covered and all that is left to think about are the accessories.

This dress is also made of cotton, which makes it a pleasure to wear. I am one of those people who always checks the label, because I appreciate having a natural fabric against my skin–cotton, linen, silk and leather are favorites in my book.

Dress – Lucky Brand (old, beautiful floral cold-shoulder option here and a Ralph Lauren one  here)

Shoes – Nine West (old, similar here and here. A cool-colored kitten heel option for spring here)

Bag – Ralph Lauren (old, similar here and here)

Glasses – Ray-Ban Clubround

So go on ladies, be bold with your colors and enjoy playing with some patterns! Happy styling!

Love always,


Spring is in the Air

Hello lovelies,

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah
Make you wanna” dress in your lighter clothes now
“To the rescue,” winter coat no more
“Want you to know, y’all, can you understand?” (quotation portions are Bob Marley’s)

Do you guys love being greeted by the sun in the morning? Doesn’t it put a spring in your step and a smile on your face? It also helps us shell out of the heavy layers we have been hiding under during the winter season and that always makes me happy. Spring is just around the corner and I wanted to share this outfit with you as it is such a great way to transition to this new, exciting season. Why?

  • Colors – white, coral, cream and blue denim. For many people white tends to symbolize purity, light, a “clean slate,”… to me it also screams “SUMMER!” I feel similarly about cream, and find the combination of white and cream quite serine and attractive. Adding a punch of color with coral awakens the outfit, as coral is vibrant and in tandem with the deep blue denim makes me think of the pretty water life of the Caribbean. Lucky Brand Jeans Lucky Brand Top Lucky Brand Jeans Lucky Brand Bag
  • Cut – both this top and my blazer have 3/4 sleeves and what better way to transition between long and short sleeves and into spring?! These skinny jeans could partner with any shoe type during any season and a pair of bold heels in not an exception.
  • Materials – all the pieces of this outfit are made from either cotton or linen or a blend of the two. I enjoy wearing these materials during any season. However, both are particularly great for the warmer months as they are breathable, light and 100% natural.

Top: Lucky Brand Placed Print Top

Jeans: Lucky Brand Brooke Straight

Blazer: Lucky Brand Feminine Eyelet Blazer

Heels: Aldo Ripiego

Bag: Lucky Brand (suggested here)

I hope the weather is warming up where you are as well and that you would get to wear your favorite spring outfits soon as well!

Love always,


Jean for the Office? YES, Please!

Hello lovely people,

Do you work at an office which allows you to wear jeans for casual Friday? My boss is extra nice and lets us be in our jeans most every day–unless we have a client meeting. I have to admit I enjoy being able to dress as casual as I like, however I do work in DTLA in a very business environment and have to still look presentable to that world.

So how can one work her/his jeans into the corporate world? The easiest way is to pick a nice blazer, a pair of stylish shoes, a dressier top and to accessorize. Today I decided to pair up my GUESS jeans with a Black Two-Button Banana Republic blazer, black Nine West high boots (similar here), and a black shiny Calving Klein top (similar here and here).

To add some charm and color I accessorized the outfit with an orange chunky ring (similar here) and earrings (similar here) from Lucky Brand, and topped the look off with a thin Banana Republic neck scarf (this one would look great) for that chic, feminine flight attendant feel. Last, but not least a pair of black Armani sunglasses (beautiful MOD version here), my favorite Botkier bag and “Office here I am!” 😉

I hope this post inspires you to jump into jeans on casual Fridays or even wear a similar look on the weekend for cocktails with the girls or a date night with your sweets!

Love Always,



Beautiful Outside, Perfect Inside–Frankie is the Name

Ladies and Gents, hello!

Tick-tack, tick-tack, time is flying and spring is fast-approaching! Warmer weather is around the corner, the days are getting longer and enticing to outdoor activities and the anticipation for summer does not seem like a distant dream anymore!

I am so excited to share this post with you as YOU–the reader–get a chance to win a spectacular $100 towards the purchase of a JORD watch of your choice—the perfect accessory to your spring wardrobe! One lucky winner will receive the BIG prize, but everyone will be given $25 off their purchase for just entering the contest! All you need is your name and e-mail address and voila—your credit will be waiting for you once the contest is over on March 5th, 2017 (click HERE to enter).

I recently came back from a vacation to the tropical paradise called St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands where I did not have to keep track of time. It was one of those vacations on which you get to do a lot of fun stuff and yet, don’t have to rush for anything or anywhere. Now, I am back to reality, but had such a nice surprise waiting for me when I returned—Frankie had arrived–my sandalwood and smoke trendy JORD watch! And it sure has kept me on track for the past week! I am so in love with this timepiece-it is unique, attracts attention, and works like a Swiss watch—oh wait, it is a Swiss movement watch!! I have enjoyed accessorizing my spring-like outfits with it as it helps make a statement, in a quiet, but beautiful manner!

Here are some of my favorite Frankie features:

  • Its natural dark sandalwood band and smoke face ooze a minimalist charm;jord-watch-wood-watch-wood-box-womens-watch
  • Its rose gold number details add a feminine touch;
  • Frankie has a deployment buckle with push buttons for ease of placing it on your wrist;
  • The sapphire crystal glass allows the watch to sparkle;
  • Frankie is not just beautiful inside, but also perfect inside as it is powered by a Swiss movement—and we all know the Swiss are kings when it comes to watch-making!
  • The band is adjustable and will be made to fit your wrist upon request;
  • You can engrave (costs additionally) the back of this watch to personalize it–what a great present idea;
  • The box it arrived in is beautiful and could also be engraved (costs additionally);
  • It is perfect for both men and women! My dad totally wanted to steal it from me, hehe! And now I know what I am getting him for Father’s day!

Here is how you can find your perfect wood watch:

Watch Gift Ideas

Men’s shop :

Women’s shop :

Contest for you to enter and receive $100 or $25 off your purchase:

Wishing you all GOOD LUCK for the contest and cannot wait to see which timepiece you choose!

Love Always,


Citrus, rose, sandalwood and musk!

Hello, lovely readers!

Did you know that our sense of smell helps up enjoy our food, but also has the ability to evoke emotions and awaken certain memories? Just a whiff of cologne or perfume can send you down Memory Lane, remind you of a friend, you favorite uncle or the boy you had a high school crush on–no matter how far in the past that may have been.

I am one of those girls that enjoys having a good perfume at hand and appreciates a smell that amuses the senses in a gentle, fresh manner. Sooooo, in today’s post I would like to share with you my favorite scents.

French and Italian perfumes tend to have my heart. I do like some American designers’ scents as well, however I have found that those are not as long-lasting as the old world’s fashion houses’.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 scents for women:

#5 Chanel – COCO Mademoiselle – with high notes of fresh orange, followed by may rose and grasse jasmine, and base notes of patchouli and vetiver, this scent is fresh and memorable with a twist of oriental sensuality!

#4 Tom Ford – White Patchouli – just used up the last drops in my bottle and really loved the woody notes in this scent. Those are accented by the gentle smell of white flowers pairing up to create one bohemian scent olfactory beauty!

#3 Prada – Infusion D’Iris – drove me crazy till I figured out what this perfume was. A new boss began working at my office years ago, I loved her perfume, but did not feel comfortable asking her what it was. One day I decided to go to Nordstrom and just sniff all perfumes till I found it… luckily before my nose got complete sensory overload.  Oh what joy it was to finally figure it out! 

This sent awakens your senses with high notes of mandarin, galbanum, orange and orange blossom, the mid-notes are those of cedar, iris and vetiver, and the base of incense and benzoin. Some people find it a bit powdery, but it makes me feel fresh and light.

#2 Chloe – Chloé Eau de Parfum – this is Chloe’s signature scent and I have been stopped and asked what I am wearing on numerous occasions, despite the fact that this perfume feels really light to me. It has that unforgettable and unique scent that combined the high notes of pink peony, freesia, and lychee, with the middle notes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose, and the base of cedarwood, amber, and honey. It truly is a famine delight to the olfactory sense.

#1 Cartier -‘Baiser Volé’  – In translations that is “Stolen Kisses” and I LOVE both the Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette options. This is one of the scents that captured my heart and screamed my name the moment I brought my nose to it–it was love at first sniff! Hehe! This scent is purely floral and combines only the notes of lily petals and green lily leaves yet it has a fresh, floral and powdery quality all at the same time. Just give it a sniff and it will steal your heart!

If you are looking for a new scent I hope you can draw some inspiration from this post and have an olfactory delight finding the one!

Love Always,



Hello Wild Thing!

Hello lovely people,

We are in the midst of winter season! Can you believe it? Do you feel like you are stuck in the world of neutrals or the black zone when it comes to winter outfits? I sure am guilty as charged! No matter what I do I end up having too many black garments all combined into a monochrome look that I rotate from December trough the end of March and I just can’t seem to break free from that habit.

This week I have been trying to wear more of my winter dresses and it dawned on me–animal print is a great way to spice up the winter wardrobe! It make me feel more vibrant, chic and “wild”! It provides a pattern for the eye to enjoy and a pop for the outfit to stand out, even if the pattern is only in the neutral color palette.

I tend to have all my animal print on dresses, but I think an animal print sweater or pair of shoes would have an equally powerful effect in refreshing your winder style.

Dress 1: Banana Republic Faux Wrap (similar here and here)


Dress 2: Banana Republic Kimono (similar here and here)


Dress3: Kenneth Cole Bodycon (similar here and here)


Dress4: Calvin Klein Sheath (similar here and here)


Happy Saturday, Loves! See you on the wild side! 😉

Love Always,