Street Smart

Hello lovelies,

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope filled with family fun, delicious treats, sweet memories and maybe some crazy-good shopping! 😉 I tried to stay away from the stores, but managed to find this super cool and smart blazer from SHEIN and a pair of distressed denim from LOFT that put together make me feel SUPER “street smart”, hehe!

Why do I love this blazer:

  1. I am a natural fabric girl and this piece is 100% cotton, so it scored huge points in my books! It is soft and breathes with you.
  2. The cut, color, pattern, and length make it perfect for work and play. The navy and plaid pattern scream classy and smartly-dressed, but not stiff or stuffy manner. You can wear the SHEIN Double Breasted Notched Neck Plaid Blazer with a white or navy dress, or dark denim pants and it will carry you straight to the office. Combine it with a pair of distressed jeans and hang out looking cool at the neighborhood coffee shop or bar.
  3. It is such a steal at $25 and if you use code “ootdi20” you will receive additional 20% off your purchase from the US SHEIN website.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think about this outfit or tell me what is your favorite buy from this weekend, even if it was a present for someone else you are super excited to give. I got something for my dad and I am excited to have his Christmas present all set.

Love Always,


Day And Night

Hello guys,

Today I am introducing you to my new fall favorites from METISU – a dress for daytime and one for nighttime. Surprisingly their colors are flipped – the Navy Blue Striped Midi Dress With Two Pockets is my choice for your 9 to 5 and the Apricot V-neck Lace Overlay Midi Dress is for your special evening rendezvous. 🙂

What makes the Navy Blue Striped Midi Dress With Two Pockets perfect for the office:

METISU Fall 2018 Pin Striped Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Fall 2018 Midi Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Fall 2018 Dress, OOTD in Style, Trendy

  • It is conservative, but chic and feminine all at the same time. Why do I say conservative? The dress’ length is below the knee, it has an A-line silhouette, and a high neckline.
  • Despite the above attributes the dress feels powerful perhaps due to the pin stripes similar to those you would see on a suit.
  • The dress commands respect and shows strength, yet femininity shines trough as well as the cut makes you want to twirl and the tailored top hugs your curves.
  • All the little details make this dress even more special – it has pockets and shoulder epaulettes, as well as the color trim and front detail add extra chic to the character of the dress.

What makes the Apricot V-neck Lace Overlay Midi Dress perfect for an evening event:

METISU Apricot Lace Midi Dress, Fall FashionMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall 2018 FashionMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall Fashion (3)METISU Apricot Lace V-neck Dress, Fall 2018

  • This dress makes you look and feel like a tall glass of champagne. What brings that feeling about? The base apricot color in combination with dazzling sequins and embroidery brings on a sparkle just like bubbles do for champagne. 
  • It is classy, yet sexy. The knee-length does not reveal too much of your legs, however the cinched waist design and v-neck color extenuate your feminine figure.
  • This midi is the opposite of what is expected–not your typical LBD, but rather a bedazzled light color that will catch everyone’s eye with quiet confidence.
  • This lace overlay beauty would also be perfect for a wedding.

Have you looked into METISU‘s dresses lately? They are my absolute favorite brand when it comes to dresses.

Have a successful week, lovelies!

METISU Fall 2018 Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall Fashion 2018

Love Always,