A Lunch Date with Fashion

Hello lovelies,

Have you had workdays when instead of going out to lunch you clear your head with a shopping break? I don’t get do so too often as time does not usually permit (bummer, but my wallet thanks me! Hehe!), however once in a blue moon I hop down to the shops and enter the world of fashion. That is how I acquired today’s fun blog outfit – a bit out of my comfort zone when it comes to the skirt, however suitable for a night out with the girls or a date with your man.

Zara Yellow Bodysuit Zara Leahter Skirt Banana Republic Pumps ALDO Leather Clutch

Bodysuits have made a big comeback lately and I have to say I am digging this trend for two reasons: 1) a “tucked-in” look is easy to pull off as bodysuits keeps the fabric close to your body and well pulled to prevent bunching and extra fabric around the tummy area; 2) those have the power to make me feel feminine and chic–like a hidden dancer lives within me (hello “Dirty Dancing” days!). Today bodysuits come in variety of styles and fabrics, so if you are a fan you can indulge.

Zara Yellow Bodysuit, Zara Black Leahter Skirt, Black Leather Clutch

Zara Bodysuit, Zara BLack Leahter Skirt, Banana Republic Heels, Leather ClutchZara Yellow Bodysuit Zara Leahter Skirt ALDO Leather Clutch

Leather and suede skirts are so edgy–one can completely elevate the hip level of an outfit. I am totally in love with this Lucky Brand leather skirt (which I will share with you on Instagram shortly), however if you do not want to invest in one, a faux leather option could be super cool and just as edgy. Love the ruffles on the skirt I am wearing and a faux leather material makes such cute details possible.

Zara Bodysuit, Zara Leahter Skirt, Banana Republic Heels, Botkier Leather ClutchZara Leahter Skirt Banana Republic HeelsZara Yellow Bodysuit, Zara Leahter Skirt, Banana Republic Heels, Botkier Leather Clutch

Have you picked up a new outfit during lunch lately? Go ahead, give it a shot! It is a relaxing and exciting option all at the same time, and it actually burns calories! πŸ˜‰

Zara Yellow Bodysuit, Zara Leahter Skirt, Leather Clutch

Skirt – Zara (similar here and here)

Bodysuit – Zara (the out is gone, but this tropical print option is even better and the exact same cut as mine)

Pumps – Banana Republic (similar here and here)

Leather Clutch –Β  similar here and here

Love Always,


Set it Free, Tie the Knot or Define the Waist

Hello Lovely People,

Happy April! As we are entering the heart of spring I wanted to bring a bright and cheerful look to you with an element of animal print you can style three different ways without changing a single piece of the outfit.

337 Brand Zebra Print Dress, GAP 1969 White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Neon Peep-Toes, Ray-Ban, Ralth Lauren Bag

What do you think of this fun neon and gray zebra print dress from 337 Brand? Isn’t it perfect for spring and summer? It is simple and versatile, yet commands attention! The v-neck allows you to display a fun necklace or two and pairs up perfectly with both gold and silver accents. The relaxed fit allows for your creativity to shine through when styling the dress. The Jersey Burnout fabric is light and a tad bit sheer adding to the print for even more visual interest.

To make an outfit, I paired this dress with while, ankle-length, skinny jeans and neon and cream peep toes that perfectly complement the dress. I added a cream bag to play into the color scheme as I believe a three-color rule works perfect for this style.

GAP 1969 White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Peep-Toe Shoes, Ralth Lauren Handbag

So what did I do with the dress to achieve my three different looks:

  1. Define the waist – to add some definition I belted the dress with a white braided belt–keeping in the color combo I chose. This dress also looks great with a wider waist belt for an even more dramatic look.337 Brand Zebra Print Dress, GAP 1969 White Jeans, Lucky Brand Breaded Belt, Calvin Klein Peep Toes, Ray-Ban, Ralth Lauren Bag337 Brand Zebra Print T-shirt Dress, GAP 1969 White Jeans, Lucky Brand Breaded Belt
  2. Set it free – this option is great for a more relaxed feel or if you’ve just had an enjoyable brunch πŸ˜‰337 Brand Burnout T-Shirt Dress, GAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren Cream Handbag337 Brand Burnout Mini T-Shirt Dress, GAP 1969 White Jeans, Ralth Lauren Handbag
  3. Tie the knot – the dress lends itself to the current trend of tying your tee. This option let’s your bottoms shine, rather than being just the supporting act for the dress.337 Brand Zebra Print Dress, GAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Peep-Toe Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren HandbagGAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren Handbag, 337 Brand Zebra Print T-Shirt Dress337 Brand Zebra Print T-Shirt Dress, GAP White Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators, Ralth Lauren Handbag

Burnout Mini T-Shirt Dress

GAP 1969 Raw Edge White Jeans – similar here

Suede Woven Mix Belt

Calvin Klein Neon and Cream Peep Toes – old, but the outfit would look great with these

Ralph Lauren Cream Bag – similar here and here

Have you found a smaller brand of clothing you have really enjoyed lately? Check out 337 Brand – they have some fun pieces to spice up your wardrobe with!

Happy fashion explorations, babe!

Love Always,



Let’s Escape to Tropical Paradise

Hello, lovely people!

Happy February! I recently went on vacation to the US Virgin Island of St. Croix, and boy, is it a beautiful piece of land surrounded by the most vibrant, countless-shades-of-blue water! Some of the architecture is stunning and where a building has turned into an abandoned ruin the flora has taken over and turned it into a charming, out-of-Tom-Sayer site! I could imagine countless photo-shoots there–a photographer’s Paradise!

As beautiful as St. Croix is, it is also not a very posh place. People are very welcoming, but unfortunately seem to live on a penny, the infrastructure is sort of maintained, and the island does not house many fancy restaurants or stores, BUT that is just part of its endless charm! It is a relaxing, let-your-hair-down, makeup-free, non-pretentious, casual kind of island.

So, what are some of the essentials you would need to have an enjoyable vacation:

  1. A few pairs of bikini (love the VS options here)–the island offers many wonderful beaches (my favorites are Sugar Cane Beach, Rainbow Beach and Sandy Point Beach) and you would love to be in or by the water as much as possible.
  2. A snorkel set (I have a Speedo set that worked very well)–don’t miss the beauty that lives in the water. It is such a calm and astonishing underwater world that you can enjoy by simply investing $35 in some fins, a mask and a snorkel. It takes “playing in the water” to a whole new level.
  3. Sunglasses (got my Kenneth Cole pair, similar here)–it is nice and sunny all the time, and if you are like me and have love for the sun, but can’t look it in the eye for too long, sunglasses would be much needed and appreciated.
  4. Flip-flops (wore this AEO pair everywhere) and flats (I wore my Lucky Brand Ellie pair)–I could have done this entire vacation in my flip-flops, but there was something nice about being able to slip into flats for dinner and the evening weather would allow it! Don’t bother with heels–you will look totally out of place, fell uncomfortable and perhaps a bit tired after a day in the water and under the sun.
  5. Your favorite casual dresses and cover-ups–I brought 5 or 6 dresses, a pair of shorts and a skirt, but the dresses worked so well I didn’t need anything else. You can throw those over your swimsuit with your flip-flops or pair them up with your flats for dinner, a visit to the botanical garden, a tour of the rum distilleries, and voila–you are island ready!
  6. A light jacket (love this Lucky Brand option) or cardi–I always feel cold and St. Croix gets a nice breeze that runs trough the island most of the time–day or night, so I appreciated having a thin denim blazer for a dinner or cocktails out in the evening.

What is nice to have, but not essential:

  1. If you are planning on some hiking adventures you may want to bring a pair of running shoes. I hiked in flip-flops, but wished for my sneakers would magically appear on my feet. πŸ˜‰
  2. Board shorts would also be good for a hike, a paddle board afternoon, jet-skiing or a night out in a see-through kayak to check out the bio-luminescence at Salt River Bay.
  3. A small cross-body bag to house your credit card, some cash, and small essentials.
  4. A backpack for the beach or a hike.
  5. A hat–another way to protect yourself from the sun, however it is a bit windy, which means you may end up chasing your fedora or panama down the beach.

What to leave at home:

  1. Fancy jewels;
  2. Designer bags;
  3. Heels;
  4. Cocktail dresses;
  5. Full makeup set.

St. Croix is a low-key, casual-essentials kind of island, so leave your fancy fashion behind for this vacay, grab your sunscreen, bathing suit, snorkel, an adventure spirit and enjoy the raw fun this island has to offer!

Happy vacationing, ladies and gents!!

Love always,