Oh… So LUXE!

Hello lovelies,

Have you ever found a boutique that you fell in love with right away? I just did!! LUXE Boutique is IT–so excited to visit their page and discover tons of cute pieces and new items fly in so very frequently that I consistently want something more… and more…

So what did I finally set my eyes on?

ootd_in_style_LUXE_Bad_to_the_Bow FRONT (1)ootd_in_style_LUXE_Bad_to_the_Bow BACK (2)ootd_in_style LUXE Boutique Bad to the Bow, Sneakskin Pumps and BagThe Bad to the Bow Top – Don’t you just love the name!?! So original and clever–puts a smile on my face, cause when I wear it I do feel bad to the bow! The coral color is very fresh–perfect for summer, the fit is as if someone sow it specifically for me, and of course the bow detail in the back–it is just the cherry on top of that Sundae! I also love the asymmetrical edge and the overall feminine feel of the top. It pairs perfectly with a black pencil skirt, a pair of white jeans, sailor pants, or even your favorite ripped denim styled with a pretty pair of heels!

ootd_in_style Summer Floral Print Romper, Armani Sunglasses, Summer 2017ootd_in_style LUXE Boutique Floral Print Whimsy Romper, Red Heels, Oliver Bilou Bag, Summer 2017ootd in style Floral Romper, Armani Sunglasses, Red Heels, Oliver Bilou Bag, Summer Fashionootd_in_style Floral Whimsy Romper, Red Heels, Oliver Bilou Bag, Summer 2017The Floral Whimsy Romper –  I call this my “BOLD & BEAUTIFUL” piece! The poppy print on this romper makes a unique and intrepid statement–great for the summer. The deep V neckline speaks the same daring language, while the belt provides excellent waist definition.

ootd_in_style LUXE Boutique Floral Print Romper, Armani Sunglasses, Red Heels, Oliver Bilou Bag, Summer 2017ootd_in_style Floral Whimsy Romper, Armani Sunglasses, Red Heels, Oliver Bilou Bag, Summer 2017ootd_in_style Floral Whimsy Romper, Armani Sunglasses, Oliver Bilou Bag, Summer 2017I paired this romper with red platform shoes and my favorite Oliver Bilou bag. Its dove color matches that of the daisies on the romper to perfection. The floral print is so versatile and would also look great with a pair of white or black heels and a bag to match. Grab your man and go on a date or call the girls and dance the night away in this pretty and feminine romper!

ootd_in_style_LUXE_Bad_to_the_Bow FRONT (2)ootd_in_style Floral Whimsy Romper, Red Heels, Oliver Bilou Bag, Summer 2017

To see what is new at LUXE Boutique – check here and enjoy getting to know the awesome pieces they have to offer! Drop me a line to let me know what your LUXE favorite is! ❤

Love Always,


From Cocoon to a Beautiful Midi

Hello, beauties!

Happy mid-week! Doesn’t is feel joyous to know you are getting over the hump and half-way trough to the weekend?! On that note let me share a few fun facts about a fabric I love–SILK!

MERISU Silk Green Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Summer 2017oord_in_style_MERISU Silk Green Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Lucky brand Jewelryoord_in_style_MERISU Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Sale

Did you know that silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm? It is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into fabric. Silk textile was first developed in ancient China and has been considered a luxurious material since 3630 BC, but is currently widely used in the medical field as well (magical properties, I tell ya!). It is very comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active, because it is very absorbent. It is also great for cold weather, as its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin. OK, so why am I going on and on about silk?!? Well, because I am in love with my new silk midi dress from METISU.

oord_in_style_MERISU Silk Green Front Tie Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, SummerMERISU Silk Green Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Silk Green Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Raymond Weil Swiss Watch

Why is this dress my new favorite?

  • Silk is perfect for the summer heat and it does indeed give the dress a luxurious look, while my skin enjoys its softness;
  • If you have read my prior article you know I love dresses that can go from a day in the office to a night out and this one fits the bill as it has midi length, half-sleeve, scoop neckline that all feels conservatively-elegant;
  • The dress may look simple, but has so many details to enjoy: paneled design, tied waist, a split front and pockets! Yes, pockets – and I so LOVE having those!! Let’s be honest – I never use them as such, but just knowing they are there makes me feel cool!
  • The color is not something you see every day and I know I will be wearing this dress well into Fall (when the weather permits that is) as it combined perfectly with earthy neutrals.

oord_in_style_MERISU Silk Green Midi Dress, Raymond Weil Watch, Lucky Brand Accessories, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Swiss Watchoord_in_style_MERISU Silk Green Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Raymond Weiloord_in_style_MERISU Silk Olive Green Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels

Have you checked out METISU’s dresses yet? They have trendy, new items (not just dresses, but I am just a sucker for those) every week! Let me know if you find anything you like on their website! There is an up to 70% mid-season sale right now! Would love to see it!

oord_in_style_MERISU Midi Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Swiss Watchoord_in_style_MERISU Silk Midi Dress, Summer Dress, Nordstrom Sale, Lucky Brand Earringsoord_in_style_MERISU Green Front Slid Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heelsoord_in_style_MERISU Olive Green Dress, Nude Clutch, Banana Republic Gold Heels, Downtown Los Angeles, Nordstrom Sale


Heels: old Banana Republic, similar here

Clutch: old, similar here

Sunglasses: Polaroid

Earrings and Necklace: Lucky Brand

Ring: Sundance

Watch: Raymond Weil

Happy rest of the week, beauties!

Love Always,


Abstract Floral Story

Hello lovelies!

Hope your week has been going great and that you have some exciting plans for the upcoming weekend.

oord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Sale, Raymond Weil Watchoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Quilted Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Bag, Raymond Weil Watch, Nordstrom Sale

Since we are in the heat of summer and florals are huge during this season I wanted to introduce you to a floral midi dress with a twist, by METISU. I find this abstract pattern to be very artistic and inspiring. The flowers have a beautifully undefined shape and colors that flow from one flower to the other. The pops of brighter red and green stand out from the more muted earthy, tobacco tones and black background. This unusual color story gives you countless possibilities when it comes to accessories. I chose a blue Chanel bag and gold heels, but black, green, red or any neutral toned bag and shoes would also compliment this pretty dress very well.

oord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi-Dress, Chanel Quilted Blue Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Raymond Weil Watch, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Quilted Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Raymond Weil Watchoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Quilted Bag, Lucky Brand Earrings, Raymond Weil Tango Watch, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Summer Dress, Chanel Vintage Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Summer Sale

The crew neck, midi length, and half-sleeve make this dress perfect for work, whereas the slim-fitting, elegant silhouette and side slid perfect it for “play”! I wore it in the office, followed by a performance at the Disney Concert Hall–it suited both occasions to the t!

oord_in_style_MERISU Floral Summer Midi, Chanel Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Sale 2017oord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi Dress, Chanel Quilted Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Quilted Bagoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Quilted Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Lucky brand Earrings, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Dress, Chanel Quilted Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Lucky Brand Jewelry

This dress is excellent for summer as it is from a very light material. It also comes with a waist belt should you decide you desire additional definition in that area. It is also currently on sale for just $60, so hurry in and grab yours or show me what you chose from the wonderful METISU sale going on right now!

oord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Vintage Quilted Bag, Raymond Weil Swiss Watch, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Quilted Medium Blue Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi, Chanel Quilted Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Anniversary Saleoord_in_style_MERISU Floral Midi Dress, Chanel Medium Bag, Banana Republic Heels, Polaroid Round Glasses, Nordstrom Sale


Heels: Banana Republic (similar here)

Bag: Chanel

Watch: Raymond Weil Tango

Sunglasses: Polaroid

Earrings: Lucky Brand

Ring: Sundance


Love Always,


Color Play

Hello lovelies!

Looking out of the window this morning, the sun inspired the color-seeker in me and got me dreaming of an outfit to reflect its cheerful rays. Sooooo, I grabbed a wrap dress with a fun geo print combining yellow, cream, and a couple of blue tones and decided to build my outfit on that color scheme.  I had the perfect pair of yellow kitten heels and a cream bag, both having gold accents and picking up a hue from the dress. To expand on the gold theme, I added a gold statement necklace and earrings, and a two-toned watch. I coordinated my glasses so that their metal part is in tune as well and voila–the outfit was ready in 5 minutes!

Why do I love this outfit? Besides being bright, cheerful and spring-ready, it is also very easy to assemble and wear. As most full-time working mamas, I find that some mornings I just don’t have the time to put an elaborate outfit together and be out of the door on time. Dresses and jumpsuits to the rescue – those are so convenient as they have got you covered and all that is left to think about are the accessories.

This dress is also made of cotton, which makes it a pleasure to wear. I am one of those people who always checks the label, because I appreciate having a natural fabric against my skin–cotton, linen, silk and leather are favorites in my book.

Dress – Lucky Brand (old, beautiful floral cold-shoulder option here and a Ralph Lauren one  here)

Shoes – Nine West (old, similar here and here. A cool-colored kitten heel option for spring here)

Bag – Ralph Lauren (old, similar here and here)

Glasses – Ray-Ban Clubround

So go on ladies, be bold with your colors and enjoy playing with some patterns! Happy styling!

Love always,


Spring is in the Air

Hello lovelies,

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah
Make you wanna” dress in your lighter clothes now
“To the rescue,” winter coat no more
“Want you to know, y’all, can you understand?” (quotation portions are Bob Marley’s)

Do you guys love being greeted by the sun in the morning? Doesn’t it put a spring in your step and a smile on your face? It also helps us shell out of the heavy layers we have been hiding under during the winter season and that always makes me happy. Spring is just around the corner and I wanted to share this outfit with you as it is such a great way to transition to this new, exciting season. Why?

  • Colors – white, coral, cream and blue denim. For many people white tends to symbolize purity, light, a “clean slate,”… to me it also screams “SUMMER!” I feel similarly about cream, and find the combination of white and cream quite serine and attractive. Adding a punch of color with coral awakens the outfit, as coral is vibrant and in tandem with the deep blue denim makes me think of the pretty water life of the Caribbean. Lucky Brand Jeans Lucky Brand Top Lucky Brand Jeans Lucky Brand Bag
  • Cut – both this top and my blazer have 3/4 sleeves and what better way to transition between long and short sleeves and into spring?! These skinny jeans could partner with any shoe type during any season and a pair of bold heels in not an exception.
  • Materials – all the pieces of this outfit are made from either cotton or linen or a blend of the two. I enjoy wearing these materials during any season. However, both are particularly great for the warmer months as they are breathable, light and 100% natural.

Top: Lucky Brand Placed Print Top

Jeans: Lucky Brand Brooke Straight

Blazer: Lucky Brand Feminine Eyelet Blazer

Heels: Aldo Ripiego

Bag: Lucky Brand (suggested here)

I hope the weather is warming up where you are as well and that you would get to wear your favorite spring outfits soon as well!

Love always,


Jean for the Office? YES, Please!

Hello lovely people,

Do you work at an office which allows you to wear jeans for casual Friday? My boss is extra nice and lets us be in our jeans most every day–unless we have a client meeting. I have to admit I enjoy being able to dress as casual as I like, however I do work in DTLA in a very business environment and have to still look presentable to that world.

So how can one work her/his jeans into the corporate world? The easiest way is to pick a nice blazer, a pair of stylish shoes, a dressier top and to accessorize. Today I decided to pair up my GUESS jeans with a Black Two-Button Banana Republic blazer, black Nine West high boots (similar here), and a black shiny Calving Klein top (similar here and here).

To add some charm and color I accessorized the outfit with an orange chunky ring (similar here) and earrings (similar here) from Lucky Brand, and topped the look off with a thin Banana Republic neck scarf (this one would look great) for that chic, feminine flight attendant feel. Last, but not least a pair of black Armani sunglasses (beautiful MOD version here), my favorite Botkier bag and “Office here I am!” 😉

I hope this post inspires you to jump into jeans on casual Fridays or even wear a similar look on the weekend for cocktails with the girls or a date night with your sweets!

Love Always,



Beautiful Outside, Perfect Inside–Frankie is the Name

Ladies and Gents, hello!

Tick-tack, tick-tack, time is flying and spring is fast-approaching! Warmer weather is around the corner, the days are getting longer and enticing to outdoor activities and the anticipation for summer does not seem like a distant dream anymore!

I am so excited to share this post with you as YOU–the reader–get a chance to win a spectacular $100 towards the purchase of a JORD watch of your choice—the perfect accessory to your spring wardrobe! One lucky winner will receive the BIG prize, but everyone will be given $25 off their purchase for just entering the contest! All you need is your name and e-mail address and voila—your credit will be waiting for you once the contest is over on March 5th, 2017 (click HERE to enter).

I recently came back from a vacation to the tropical paradise called St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands where I did not have to keep track of time. It was one of those vacations on which you get to do a lot of fun stuff and yet, don’t have to rush for anything or anywhere. Now, I am back to reality, but had such a nice surprise waiting for me when I returned—Frankie had arrived–my sandalwood and smoke trendy JORD watch! And it sure has kept me on track for the past week! I am so in love with this timepiece-it is unique, attracts attention, and works like a Swiss watch—oh wait, it is a Swiss movement watch!! I have enjoyed accessorizing my spring-like outfits with it as it helps make a statement, in a quiet, but beautiful manner!

Here are some of my favorite Frankie features:

  • Its natural dark sandalwood band and smoke face ooze a minimalist charm;jord-watch-wood-watch-wood-box-womens-watch
  • Its rose gold number details add a feminine touch;
  • Frankie has a deployment buckle with push buttons for ease of placing it on your wrist;
  • The sapphire crystal glass allows the watch to sparkle;
  • Frankie is not just beautiful inside, but also perfect inside as it is powered by a Swiss movement—and we all know the Swiss are kings when it comes to watch-making!
  • The band is adjustable and will be made to fit your wrist upon request;
  • You can engrave (costs additionally) the back of this watch to personalize it–what a great present idea;
  • The box it arrived in is beautiful and could also be engraved (costs additionally);
  • It is perfect for both men and women! My dad totally wanted to steal it from me, hehe! And now I know what I am getting him for Father’s day!

Here is how you can find your perfect wood watch:

Watch Gift Ideas

Men’s shop : https://www.woodwatches.com/shop/men/#ootdinstyle

Women’s shop : https://www.woodwatches.com/shop/women/#ootdinstyle

Contest for you to enter and receive $100 or $25 off your purchase: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/ootdinstyle

Wishing you all GOOD LUCK for the contest and cannot wait to see which timepiece you choose!

Love Always,


Hello Wild Thing!

Hello lovely people,

We are in the midst of winter season! Can you believe it? Do you feel like you are stuck in the world of neutrals or the black zone when it comes to winter outfits? I sure am guilty as charged! No matter what I do I end up having too many black garments all combined into a monochrome look that I rotate from December trough the end of March and I just can’t seem to break free from that habit.

This week I have been trying to wear more of my winter dresses and it dawned on me–animal print is a great way to spice up the winter wardrobe! It make me feel more vibrant, chic and “wild”! It provides a pattern for the eye to enjoy and a pop for the outfit to stand out, even if the pattern is only in the neutral color palette.

I tend to have all my animal print on dresses, but I think an animal print sweater or pair of shoes would have an equally powerful effect in refreshing your winder style.

Dress 1: Banana Republic Faux Wrap (similar here and here)


Dress 2: Banana Republic Kimono (similar here and here)


Dress3: Kenneth Cole Bodycon (similar here and here)


Dress4: Calvin Klein Sheath (similar here and here)


Happy Saturday, Loves! See you on the wild side! 😉

Love Always,


The Coat That Keeps on Giving

Hello lovelies,

Since it feels like winter even in LA right now, I decided to dedicate this post to a classic piece that any woman would appreciate having in her wardrobe (or better yet–on her back!!) for the winter months of the year–the classic wool coat!

INC International Concepts Double-Breasted Car Coat, Only at Macy's
Double-Breasted Car Coat

I like wool coats of any length, as long as those have a tailored silhouette which helps your figure stand out rather than look engulfed in a sea of fabric and bulk. Love the white-with-black-piping option above–a classic with a fun twist! However, if I were to invest in ONLY one I would pick a coat that is as versatile as possible. To me that means one that has length suitable for pants, skirts, and dressed. I would pick a coat that hits me right at the knee or slightly above it, as my work dresses usually have similar length and I dislike those peaking too much from underneath the coat’s hem.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Wool-Blend Belted Peacoat
MK Wool-Blend Belted Peacoat

Some bonuses:

  • You would wear your classic coat to the office.
  • If you can work this coat into your work week selection, why not use it on the weekends too? Wool coats pair up nicely with jeans and leggings too, so you can have yours keeping you cozy on a Saturday or Sunday as well!
  • A longer coat, means a longer warmer layer, and therefore cozier you!
  • It is January and a lot of stores are trying to get rid of as much merchandise as possible, so you can purchase your coat at a reasonable price and have a classic that will serve you well for years to come!


Here are the two coats I have purchased and enjoyed:

I have owned the black (Zara, similar here) for three years and the camel (Kenneth Cole, similar here) for four, and I have to admit I wear both all the time from December trough to March!

Have you delved into the wool coat world yet? I hope you would enjoy doing so!

Love Always,




Leap of faith into BOOTIES land!

Hello lovelies,

You may have noticed that I have developed a bootie addiction recently… Ahhhhh! I have to admit, I have vowed not to purchase any more of those, but this is the first season I am taking a leap into the land of booties. I have always liked the appearance of those, but did not think they looked very elegant on my legs. This fall/winter I decided to give booties a try and span a tad bit out of control—hehe! I love all five pairs I purchased and all for a different reason:

  1. The Lucky Brand Linnea Booties started it all! I loved the fact that they came in this unique brindle color, were suede, and had a pointy, yet not super pointy front, making them suitable for both jeans and dresses or skirts. The studs were an added bonus as those gave the eye a bit more to enjoy! BTW, January sales are in full swing and these “firestarter” booties are currently on sale for $67.49
  2. The Lucky Brand Leeir Studded Bootie – those were the last of my splurge, but they got me good as I decided to purchase both a black and a java pair. OK, where do I begin with these… First of all they are a mix of leather and suede, the stacked heel screams “Comfort!”, and the combination of those studs and zippers is surely a show-stopper!! The black pairs up nicely with the silver metal accents, and the java jives oh-so-well with the gold. I just could not resist their temptation! And… Guess what? It is your lucky day because those are on sale for $72.49! Are you in love?! ❤
  3. The Lorry Bootie – classy and clean, these leather booties have a pointed toe and a bit more of a Western edge, which makes them the perfect suitor for a pair of jeans or a hobo-inspited dress. Added bonus–you can wear them in the rain or snow and not worry about them being ruined! These beauties cost $67.49 and also come in black.
  4. And last but not least, the Ceder Western-Inspired Booties – I opted out for the natural suede as the color appealed to me. I loved the detail, one that in not in your face! The 1 1/2″ heel and padded insoles sure proved comfortable. Those booties pair up very nicely with a trench coat and jeans, or a pair of leggings and a comfy oversized sweater. The Ceder Western Booties are currently on sale for $69.99 with an additional 20% off over at Nine West. Cedar Western-Inspired Booties

So here it is–a round-up of my booties splurge! Have you recently purchased up a storm if a new type of piece for your wardrobe?

Happy January SALES shopping, y’all!

Love Always,