Leopard Print -From the Catwalks to the Globes

Hello lovelies,

Hope your weekend was restful and fun at the same time. I had the opportunity to spend it with a dear friend of mine and that was a treat! πŸ™‚

One trend that I noticed being back on the table this season is none other but the famous leopard print–it was all over the Spring/Summer 2019 catwalks from bold Saint Laurent bodysuits to silky, midi skirts by Burberry. Most recently we saw Anne Hathaway arrive to the 2019 Golden Globes looking fierce in an all-over leopard print ball gown by Elie Saab. Needless to say I got inspired to try the trend–to me leopard print is a combination of otherwise neutral colors that pack a beautifully mean punch of style into an outfit.

Sooooo, how did I get my leopard on? Well, you know I love dresses, so I opted out for the Tie Neck Leopard Print Ruffle Hem Dress. It combines two types of print – one on a smaller scale that trims the dress on the bottom, at the waist line, the neckline and the cuffs of the sleeves and a larger print which comprises the rest of the dress. I like the mixture of the two as they are placed strategically to add to the shape of this leopard print dress.

Use code Q1ootdinstyle15 for 15% off your purchase from us.shein.com. Search ID 623623 for this Tie Neck Leopard Print Ruffle Hem Dress. What trend has intrigues you thin season?

Love Always,


Burgundy and Cordouroy

Happy New Year, lovelies! ❀

I hope Santa brought you the “magical pony” you desired and that 2019 would be filled with health, happiness, smiles, love, success, adventures, and contentment.

Aside from my magical pony Santa dropped off this awesome SHEIN Double Breasted Overlap Corduroy Dress for me! It is burgundy and pairs off perfectly with a white undershirt–think Santa was trying to drop me a hint to become one of his helpers? πŸ˜‰ Just so it does not seem like I am late to the party, I decided to pair this chic corduroy dress with a black undershirt, black leggings, favorite booties and a black newspaper-boy hat. Doesn’t this ensemble spell simple, playful, stylish with a bit of French?!

The dress’ double breasted design, burgundy color and golden buttons give it a semi-formal flavor, while the corduroy fabric and front pockets bring out the casual, playful character of this piece. I find the dress “easy going”, yet with enough flavor to spice up an otherwise very basic black look.

Guess what? Santa dropped off something for you too: Q1ootdinstyle15 – use this code for 15% off your purchase from us.shein.com.


appy new year once more, ladies and gents!

Love Always, ❀


A Winter Must-Have

Hello everyone,

Are you ready for Christmas? Is it just around the corner and in an blink of an eye 2018 would come to a close. It is amazing how fast time flies the older one gets–let’s appreciate the last few days of the year and make sweet memories! πŸ™‚

Speaking of Christmas, this year I want to wear something different–something festive, yet not screaming HOLIDAYS, but making me feel like I am in the magic of a winter wonderland. When I laid my eyes on the SHEIN Whipstitch Trim Tweed Dress, I knew that was it!! The dress is not red or green, it is not plaid and does not have excessive sparkle, but is elegant and whimsical in a very classy manner. Tweed material is very appropriate for the season and the off white color makes me feel like a snow queen. I like the subtle trim details as well – introducing gold and black, which allow you to play with accessories in both of those colors. The sheath silhouette adds to the elegance of the dress and of course you know I am a fan of natural fabrics, so that fact that this dress is 80% cotton also had a pull on my heart. πŸ™‚ If you like the Whipstitch Trim Tweed Dress you can purchase it at 20% off by using the cupon code ootdi20, which you can actually use on any purchase from us.shein.com.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are tall (I am 5’9), you may choose to size up. I ordered a size Small and feel like the mama in me would have liked just a bit more length and width, hehe. πŸ˜‰

What are you wearing for Christmas?

Love Always,


Street Smart

Hello lovelies,

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope filled with family fun, delicious treats, sweet memories and maybe some crazy-good shopping! πŸ˜‰ I tried to stay away from the stores, but managed to find this super cool and smart blazer from SHEIN and a pair of distressed denim from LOFT that put together make me feel SUPER “street smart”, hehe!

Why do I love this blazer:

  1. I am a natural fabric girl and this piece is 100% cotton, so it scored huge points in my books! It is soft and breathes with you.
  2. The cut, color, pattern, and length make it perfect for work and play. The navy and plaid pattern scream classy and smartly-dressed, but not stiff or stuffy manner. You can wear the SHEIN Double Breasted Notched Neck Plaid Blazer with a white or navy dress, or dark denim pants and it will carry you straight to the office. Combine it with a pair of distressed jeans and hang out looking cool at the neighborhood coffee shop or bar.
  3. It is such a steal at $25 and if you use code “ootdi20” you will receive additional 20% off your purchase from the US SHEIN website.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think about this outfit or tell me what is your favorite buy from this weekend, even if it was a present for someone else you are super excited to give. I got something for my dad and I am excited to have his Christmas present all set.

Love Always,


Salsa Queen

Hello lovelies,

Do you like Salsa dancing? I am a huge FAN and cannot wait to learn more steps and perhaps one day spin on the dance floor like those beautiful professionals can (yeah, a girl can dream, right?!?)

Well, when I saw the SHEIN Ruffle Cold Shoulder Layered Hem Dress, SALSA emerged in my head right away… It is sexy, yet not over-the-top, lets me feel like I am on fire in the coolest way possible, and makes me want to dance!! So let’s break this down:

“Sexy, yet not over-the-top”: The dress hugs your curves and has a cold-shoulder element, but is knee length allowing you to feel sexy without exposing too much leg or cleavage.

“On fire in the coolest way possible”: The burgundy red color and the sheath nature of the dress make you feel like an explosive powerhouse, yet one composed, beautiful and in control. πŸ™‚

“Makes me want to dance”: The ruffles around the hem and the shoulder detail add so much movement to the dress–it is like it was created to lead you to the dance floor!

Do you like the SHEIN Ruffle Cold Shoulder Layered Hem Dress!? Does she make YOU want to dance? Let me know in the comments below. USE CODE “ootdi20” FOR 20% OFF your Shein USA order.

Love Always,


Day And Night

Hello guys,

Today I am introducing you to my new fall favorites from METISU – a dress for daytime and one for nighttime. Surprisingly their colors are flipped – the Navy Blue Striped Midi Dress With Two Pockets is my choice for your 9 to 5 and the Apricot V-neck Lace Overlay Midi Dress is for your special evening rendezvous. πŸ™‚

What makes the Navy Blue Striped Midi Dress With Two Pockets perfect for the office:

METISU Fall 2018 Pin Striped Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Fall 2018 Midi Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Fall 2018 Dress, OOTD in Style, Trendy

  • It is conservative, but chic and feminine all at the same time. Why do I say conservative? The dress’ length is below the knee, it has an A-line silhouette, and a high neckline.
  • Despite the above attributes the dress feels powerful perhaps due to the pin stripes similar to those you would see on a suit.
  • The dress commands respect and shows strength, yet femininity shines trough as well as the cut makes you want to twirl and the tailored top hugs your curves.
  • All the little details make this dress even more special – it has pockets and shoulder epaulettes, as well as the color trim and front detail add extra chic to the character of the dress.

What makes the Apricot V-neck Lace Overlay Midi Dress perfect for an evening event:

METISU Apricot Lace Midi Dress, Fall FashionMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall 2018 FashionMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall Fashion (3)METISU Apricot Lace V-neck Dress, Fall 2018

  • This dress makes you look and feel like a tall glass of champagne. What brings that feeling about? The base apricot color in combination with dazzling sequins and embroidery brings on a sparkle just like bubbles do for champagne.Β 
  • It is classy, yet sexy. The knee-length does not reveal too much of your legs, however the cinched waist design and v-neck color extenuate your feminine figure.
  • This midi is the opposite of what is expected–not your typical LBD, but rather a bedazzled light color that will catch everyone’s eye with quiet confidence.
  • This lace overlay beauty would also be perfect for a wedding.

Have you looked into METISU‘s dresses lately? They are my absolute favorite brand when it comes to dresses.

Have a successful week, lovelies!

METISU Fall 2018 Dress, OOTD in StyleMETISU Apricot Lace Overlay Dress, Fall Fashion 2018

Love Always,




Twirl With Me

Hello lovelies,

Summer makes me so happy, I really don’t want it to ever end. I know, I know… I live in LA and there is nothing too severe about the other three seasons here. I am just one of those people that loves going to the beach, loves warm and light evenings, eats watermelon and peaches till her tummy feels like exploding, and is willing to deal with the insane mid-day heat in order to reap the rest of the benefits of summer. And “YES!” dresses are one of those benefits.IMG_20180808_165018_274.jpgIMG_20180808_133523_317.jpg

Today’s look is inspired by comfort–a level of easy wear that is pretty at the same time–a win-win in my books. The main act is the Blue Off Neckline Long Sleeve 3/4 Length A Line Women’s Dress by us.vip.com. It is so chic, girly and pleasant to wear! I also adore all the details this dress wows us with:

  1. Off the shoulder with a twist–not in your most traditional and expected way, the OTS detail here looks like a shirt collar and adds so much visual interest to this piece. There also are straps which help hold the dress up and camouflage your bra straps, however if you don’t like the strap look you can hide those just as successfully.IMG_20180808_133340_612.jpgIMG_20180808_164729_531.jpgIMG_20180808_133653_929.jpg
  2. Top button front–a major trend this summer, which also draws your eye to the dress without screaming loudly at all.
  3. Pockets–ahhh, any dress with pockets makes me smile. I also love the pocket flap and button detail present here–somehow it adds an unexpected semi-formal twist to this chic dress.IMG_20180808_133211_753.jpg
  4. Draw string waist line–makes it easy to define the thinnest part of your body and looks good even after a Sunday brunch! πŸ˜‰
  5. A-line silhouette and soft material–the combination of those two produces a swing dress that makes me want to twirl and twirl like a little girl in the middle of a candy store. The fabric is so soft–real pleasure to wear.IMG_20180808_133739_351.jpg

If you have not visited us.vip.com you should do so–they have so many beautiful items and amazing prices right now. You can purchase a genuine leather handbag for under $20!!! ALSO, use coupon code Marieta1142 for $5 OFF on orders over $50.

Dress | Flats | Hat | Bag | Sunglasses

Happy August, lovelies!

Love Always,


Lady in Red

Hello lovelies,
How has your summer been? Enjoying the sun, warm temperatures, vacation time and travel? I certainly hope so!
SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (7)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (1)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (9)
I don’t always wear red during summer, however I fell in love with the romantic nature of this Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress and decided to give red a chance this season. Doesn’t it combine beautifully with my straw bag and hat to create a fun, beach- or farmer’s-market-inspired look? This dress is very detail-rich and yet feels simple and elegant. The ruffle straps and hem bring femininity and charm, the button front brings it right on trend, the delicate print allows for numerous combinations with white, black or red accessories, the draw string at the waist hugs your figure at the narrowest portion of your body, the midi-length gives it a sophisticated flair–all those come together to create a pretty and classy piece one can wear to brunch, the beach and even to work. I also like the overall vintage charm this dress posses–it makes me feel like a lady! πŸ™‚
SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (5)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (8)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (4)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (6)SHEIN Ruffle Strap & Hem Button Up Dress, Lucky Brand Hat, Straw Hat, Red Platforms (2)
What are some of the colors you have opened up to wearing this summer? Leave me a comment to let me know.
Love Always,

The Button Front Cami Dress – A Summer Must-Have

Hello lovelies,

How is your summer going thus far? I have been away from the blog a bit as I took a trip to Austria last week. Vienna is such a great city and it sure reminded me of all the gorgeousness, history and beautiful architecture a European city possesses. The weather was warm and pleasant, which made me think of all the pretty and trendy dresses this summer’s fashion is gifting us with.

SHEIN Button Front Cami Dress (1)SHEIN Button Front Cami Dress (8)

If you were a kid or a teen in the 90’s, you’ll remember that button front skirts and dresses were big then. Guess what!? They are back for some more action and admiration, and I am digging the trend for the second time in my life. Shein totally nailed it with this button front cami dress. It comes in three different colors, is made out of linen (perfect fabric for summer), the shift cami cut feels breezy and light, and the tea length allows you to pair this gorgeous dress with either flats, sneakers (for a casual day look), kitten heels or pumps (for afternoon/evening sophistication). The details are very charming as well–who doesn’t love pockets on their dress, I also like the high waist and heavily pleated skirt attached to it (allows for a delicious brunch on a Sunday ;)).

SHEIN Button Front Cami Dress (7)SHEIN Button Front Cami Dress (3)SHEIN Button Front Cami Dress (10)SHEIN Button Front Cami Dress (6)

Have you checked Shein’s summer dress collection yet? So many cute pieces.

Happy rest of the week friends!

Love Always,



How to wear “MOM” jeans

Hello lovelies,

How was your weekend? Did you greet St. Patrick in green? I feel like I am excused from this tradition as I happen to have entered the world on the same day, so birthday attire is allowed even if not in green! Hehe!

Mom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Nine WestMom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Red Shoes, Studded Bag

So this year, I had a full day of celebrations with different set of friends and family at different locations and with different flavors–brunch with girlfriends in mid-town, a bit of shopping and semi-fancy Italian restaurant dinner with my family in Beverly Hill, closing down the evening with cocktails in Silverlake… I knew I was going to be running around town and wanted to be comfy and chic, so what did I reach out to?! Unexpectedly, the first pair of ripped mom jeans I have ever owned! Somehow to me high-waited jeans scream: “Pair me up with a bodysuit and you will have perfection!” So I listened and picket to partner my comfy pair of jeans with a black velvet bodysuit with rivet embellishment. It added a stylish twist to the look with its sophisticated velvet fabric, slash collar line, and small cutouts at the waist.

To finish the look off I added my favorite black belt, red pumps, embroidered leather moto jacket and a baker boy hat. The look make be feel comfortable and confident–what else can a birthday girl ask for? At least when it comes to her outfit? πŸ˜‰

Mom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Studded BagMom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Mirrored SunglassesMom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Embroidered Moto Jacket, Bodysuit, ZAFULMom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Baker Boy HatMom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, Embroidered Moto Jacket, ZAFUL

Tips: If you are pondering upon grabbing a pair of these jeans, you should consider sizing up. However, if your legs are on the stick-thin side you will be “A OK” going with your regular size as you don’t want the waist to be too loose. Same goes with the bodysuit–I recommend sizing up. I generally wear a small in tops. I ordered the medium from this bodysuit and I should have totally gone for the large.

Mom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, NIne West, StuddedMom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Guess BeltMom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Embroidered Moto Jacket

Jeans (sponsored, use code β€œLauraZF” for 10% off your Zaful order) | Bodysuit (sponsored, use code β€œLauraZF” for 10% off your Zaful order)Β  | Jacket | Pumps | Baker Boy Hat | Bag | Belt | Sunglasses | Watch

Have an amazing week, lovelies!

Love always,


Mom Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Bodysuit, ZAFUL, Moto Jacket